What do you want to know about this blog?

This is the blog of an artit!

Mostly it’s about making art, and looking at art. Maybe it involves plants, adventure and poetry.  I will tell you about my art shows, different art education I’m involved in, and about making the art. So many fun art related things to write about! 

Art is the best thing I can think of, and it is my favorite of my many jobs. I will let you know what is going on with the art that comes out of me, and good art from the hands and hearts of others. Art forever!!!

Thank you for reading.

Visit www.katiesimpsonspain.weebly.com for decent pictures of the art.

4 thoughts on “What do you want to know about this blog?

  1. Looking forward to reading about Katie. I love stumbling upon blogs in the process of being created. I’m a third grade teacher in Los Angeles and wanted to check out how I could have my students do something with plastic bags. I’m always looking for ideas. Come visit me at planetjan.wordpress.com. I was exactly where you are 13 months ago. Welcome!

  2. hi uncle! i’m trying to go to movies! we tried today, but the one we wanted to see was sold out! arg! so we will go on sunday. and we will call you afterwards. (dear blog audience, my uncle loves movies! he is a hollywood fella.) ps i think we are going to a second run theatre tonight though. it’s near our house, and only 3 bucks!

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