Lake Print

Hey yall,

I’m working on a fun woodcut and wanted to show you some process stuff.

This is of Timothy Lake, in which I spent a few days this last summer, and I’m using wood I found in lake eerie (and other wood). Lake print! Oosh I’m excited.

Here’s what’s happening so far…   


Ok back to the cutting wood and rocking out thing. Have a great week!


“We can’t buy more time, cuz time won’t accept out money.” -bad religion

Printing and stuff

hi there!

So, as usual I’m printing in my time between jobs. I have too many jobs. But I get to print sometimes so it’s ok.

Here are some sweet shots of the drying rack last time I printed… Gimme a couple days and I’ll fill that thing back up again, fast!

Hope spring is treating you nicely wherever you are.



Lino Fun!


I’m working on a reduction linocut of memories of a beach I like in my hometown, Santa Cruz ca. 

I’ll finish printing early next week… Put the 2nd (ish… It’s hodgepodge rainbow roll gradient fun) color today. Gotta cut up the block again. Yay!!!

Here’s a sneak peak!

Also a picture of ink because ink is wonderful.

Take good care, out there.







I’ve been busy with travel and work so haven’t been posting here. Happy 2015!

I recently made some friendship bracelets out of plastic bags, and wanted to show you. Fun! I’ve got more in process too (and some newer ones made from different things, but that’s for a different time). Here are a couple I’m happy with for now…

And some pictures from my recent travels.

Have a great end of winter folks.


PS Look I updated my Nurture Art Registry page:

TightLet's go swimming.path gold sunset

Prints about swimming.


I’ve been making drypoints and etchings about places I swam this year. There are more in the works… and this is just a little selection of what I have. But I wanted to give you a peek.

Hope your fall is fabulous!


PS I was having trouble putting up pictures so these are weirdly cropped details of only a couple prints. So you’ll have to see the prints in person, in a fort like installation. Very soon at a secret gallery location in queens. Check back for details.

ps these prints are pretty small.



New Books


I’m not very bloggy this year, eh!?!

Well, anyways, I finished a couple of books. Here are pictures!

The first one is a west coast palimpsest of drawn, collaged, painted, collected items: a road trip map story, in code. It’s called “weird diary”.

The second, “toolbox”, is a collection of cyanotypes of a wide variety of my tools. By wide I mean wide: wrenches, keys, phone, knives, sponges, nails… with an accompanying poemstory about their sorts of uses. Disconnecting, holding fast, etc.

And I’ve been busy making prints about places I recently swam. And practicing drypoint and etching, which I haven’t done for a good long while. I’ll post some when this series beefs up a little.

Happy impending autumn lovely!