New Work!


I’m working on some new stuff. Drawings that are also prints. This is a new group of works, an old topic that I’m finally getting into a little more, so I’m not really sure about it yet. But I’m excited. I think it’s going to change a little too. 

The working title of this stuff is ‘the great darkness’. 

Mostly snakes and blackholes so far.

Here are some process shots.




January Shows


I’m going through one of those phases with reevaluation and “who am I” stuff, and relistening to music I’ve liked since I was a kid. Today a line in a minor threat song reminded me to write about the fact that I’m showing some stuff soon. “Make due with what you have, take what you can get.” That’s part of what my friendship bracelet sculptures are about. The materials are usually leftovers from some kind of adventure or other. And really – friendship is a funny thing, hacked together out of all of the time we spend with other people just making it through this crazy fucked up world. Its strong and made from knots of all sorts of good and bad times. 

I’m showing a couple of those wall hanging friendship bracelets in January…

One at University of Pembroke, in North Carolina, and one at the infamous AIR Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. I’ll update with dates and addresses soon!

Yay art and music.


The piece below is going to be at AIR, it’s called 2 Lakes and a Waterfall, and it’s made from stuff I found and scraps of a project I did with kids at a school.  


Happy Winterrr!


Here is a dragon to cheer you up. Since winter is usually depressing. Yeah!

Except here in NYC it’s warmer than its been in December for nearly 100 years, which is depressing in a different way. But it’s pretty nice out, which makes me (personally) want to flee to California a little less. That’s nice. So…

Dragon will help! Especially a not great photo of a tiny solstice dragon!




Adventure Time…


I’m getting on a cross country train tomorrow, headed for Portland, Oregon.

I’ll be there all summer and am coming back to New York to teach fall term. I am super excited to get a chance to do more art! I’ve got some great projects cooking that I just haven’t had time to work on.

It’s kind of like a residency. But with friends I have already known for many years.

I’ll go swimming and camping too, and update this as much as I can.

Here’s a picture of the sketchbook I made for the trip.

Yay adventure!!!!!!!

I’ll be in touch soon. You can follow my 3 day train trip from NYC to Portland on Instagram… katie.simpson.spain, you’ll find it.


New Sketch Book.

New sketchbook, fun!


Printing and stuff

hi there!

So, as usual I’m printing in my time between jobs. I have too many jobs. But I get to print sometimes so it’s ok.

Here are some sweet shots of the drying rack last time I printed… Gimme a couple days and I’ll fill that thing back up again, fast!

Hope spring is treating you nicely wherever you are.



Constrained, this Friday!

For immediate release: 

CityLife is pleased to announceCONSTRAINED, a group exhibition curated by Shannon McBride, featuring the work of: 

Erica Bailey
Margaret Lee
Robert Levy
Gayla Martin
Shannon McBride
Marissa Molina
Katie Simpson Spain 
Melissa Walker

Please join us for the opening reception Friday, May 8, 6-10pm 
CityLife 125 1st Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302

On view from May 8 – 29, 2015 

Take PATH train toward Journal Square. 
5-minute walk from Grove Street station.

CONSTRAINED presents eight emerging artists’ work within the context of the constraints that each artist faces in creating, displaying and supporting their creative work. Lack of space, time constraints, shortage of opportunities and financial limitations are just some of the many issues dealt with. The work on view acknowledges these obstacles, and the artists embrace them as part of their processes. Curated specifically for this unique venue, the curatorial concept also considers the contributing constraints of CityLife as an exhibition space. Primarily a community center and church, CityLife hosts events daily, as well as providing office space to a local business, and serves as an exhibition space and music venue. 

The choice of multi-disciplinary artists reflects the eclectic nature of this multi-purpose space, and its own blurred boundaries. Each of the artists in CONSTRAINED maintain diverse practices, employing some combination of installation art, animation, sculpture, printmaking, photography and more. Consequently, none of the artwork in this show falls neatly within the category of a straightforward, easily displayed drawing or painting. The boundaries between mediums are blurred, and limitations pushed.

For more information visit: