City’s Six Video!



Here is a video of the opening of City’s Six, at One Art Space, made by the awesome Bernard Lee.

Hope all is well with you!

I’ve got to pack my studio up… and move out.
Sad times.

But anyhow, it’ll be good in one way or another.

Take care!

City’s Six at One Art Space. Reception August 1, 6-9pm

City’s Six

City College MFA Group Show

August 1 through 22nd, 2013

One Art Space Gallery
23 Warren Street (between Church and Broadway)

Opening Reception August 1, 6-9 pm.

One Art Space is pleased to present the 2013 City College MFA graduates in an exhibition that showcases their artwork publicly together for the first time. The exhibition is organized by curators Blake Ruehrwein and Stephanie Crawford, and by One Art Space Gallery.  

The artists included in the exhibition are: Sasha Cohen, Andrea Coronil, Gayla Martin, Shannon McBride, Katie Simpson Spain, and Alison White. The artists attended The City College of New York Studio Art MFA program, graduating in the spring of 2013. Each artist manipulates environment and media differently, but when combined together, their work creates a dialogue based on viewer interaction and exploration of environments.
Sasha Cohen, Gayla Martin and Alison White play with the idea of hanging and draping in unique ways to explore space. Cohen’s paintings become three dimensional objects with the inclusion of fabric and her manipulation of the surface, while Martin’s hanging thread sculptures act more like simple line drawings that portray an intimate attention to detail. White’s fabric sculptures create complex compositions that evoke a sense of beautiful, yet ordered chaos.
Shannon McBride, Katie Simpson Spain, and Andrea Coronil utilize space in order to invite the viewer to interact with their work. McBride creates sculptures that at first seem familiar, and later reveal themselves to be oddly unexpected. It is only with close inspection that the viewer is able to notice their distortions of reality. Simpson Spain, on the other hand, creates invitingly warm spaces that remind the viewer of past experiences: camping trips, Girl Scout troops, late nights, and explorations.  Coronil’s work creates iconic images, such as that of a boxer, and imbues them with personal meaning that is both transparent and layered.
Through exploration and interaction with the work, the artists hope to provide the viewer with a sense of playful inquisitiveness, a reminder of past experiences, and an intimate attention to detail.
The curators celebrate and admire each of the artists and their work. This exhibition is a launching pad for both the artists’ and the curators’ at this stage in their careers. The curators have graduated and are working on Masters in Art History at the City College of New York.

Visit One Art Space at:

1, 2, 3, 4 – April at Gallery 200 in DUMBO


Recent work from Sasha Cohen, Katie Simpson Spain, Peter Fankhauser, and Nancy Susan Woods.

Gallery 200
111 Front Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn

Opening First Thursday, April 4, 6P-9P
On view through April 28 (tues-sat 12-6)

CUNY-City College is proud to present the work of Sasha Cohen, Katie Simpson Spain, Peter Fankhauser, and Nancy Susan Woods, two second year and two recent MFA program graduates respectively in a group show titled “1,2,3,4” curated by Risa Shoup at Gallery 200, 111 Front St. in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Rather than focus on formal connections between the work, the four artists represented in “1,2,3,4” respond instead to the shared experience of producing work in the institution that links them all together. To underscore the ethos of accessibility for which CUNY is well known, the show will be divided into four separate spaces and each artist’s work will inhabit one of these four spaces, creating a straight forward and uncontrived point of entry into each artist’s universe. Through questioning diverse notions of community and collaborative art practice, modes of art production deemed valuable by the institution and political engagement as it relates to issues of gender and race, Sasha Cohen, Peter Fankhauser, Katie Simpson Spain and Nancy Susan Woods present diverse bodies of work tethered to one another by City College’s complex history.

Risa Shoup is the Associate Director of The Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn. She works to provide artists with the financial and workspace resources they need to create work that the public can experience in non-traditional spaces. She is currently a Fellow at the Pratt Center for Community Development and a MS in City & Regional Planning candidate at the Pratt Institute. Shoup studies the production of space for housing, manufacturing and other forms of production.


For Immediate Release:


Katie Simpson Spain’s MFA thesis exhibition.

Presented by The City College of New York, CUNY

March 18-22, 10-5.

Reception Wednesday March 20th, 6-8:30 pm

Meet & Greet, March 21 5-6 pm.

Compton-Goethals Gallery

The City College of New York

Compton-Goethals Hall, Room 134

160 Convent Ave.

New York, NY 10031

With a focus on different ways humanity navigates in and works with nature, this interactive installation combines recycled materials, fabrics, live plants, painting, sculpture and printmaking to create a strange situation involving outdoor activities. You are invited to experience this version of nature, recreations of natural environments and recreational activities, from the safety of Compton-Goethals Gallery.

This work is a reexamination of organized outdoor activities, exploring relationships people have with the natural environment. I am interested in the thin membranes of safety that lie between the natural world and organized modern life. Often humorous and culminating in installation or video, this work combines recycled materials, fabrics, live plants, painting, sculpture and printmaking. I re-create biological environments and the tools associated with them, like giant friendship bracelets or camping tools without function. These awkward works nudge at nostalgia of time spent in nature.

Events during the show also include:

Camp Craft Time: Monday March 18th, 1 pm (friendship bracelet and drawing party)

Short Talk/Meet and Greet: Thursday March 21st, 5 pm

Please be in touch if you’d like to schedule a tour of the exhibition.

Visit this blog for details about exhibition programing and behind the scenes information about the work:

Compton-Goethals is located on the Southeast corner of W 140th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.   

Subways: 1 @ 137th St and A, C, B, D @ 145th St.  

When visiting CCNY please go to Cohen Library Archives Gallery to see an ink and acrylic drawing of mine in CCNY Women Make Art, an exhibition showcasing women artists affiliated with the City College of New York, in conjunction with International Women’s Day. The Archives Gallery is on the 5th floor of Cohen Library, in the NAC Building (Amsterdam and 136, on the north campus, close to Compton-Goethals Hall). Here is a campus map.

Also don’t miss my upcoming installation at DUMBO’s 111 Front Street, part of an awesome April group show curated by Risa Shoup of Brooklyn’s Invisible Dog.
Take good care!
Katie Simpson Spain
For more information about CCNY’s MFA Thesis Shows visit:
crop postcard vista 2

Thesis Show Coming! (Recreation)

March 18th to 22nd. Reception Wednesday March 20th from 5 to 8 pm.

Working title: Recreation.

With a focus on different ways humanity navigates in and works with nature, this interactive installation combines recycled materials, fabrics, live plants, painting, sculpture and printmaking to create a strange situation involving outdoor activities. You are invited to experience this version of nature, recreations of natural environments and recreational activities, from the safety of Compton-Goethals Gallery.

Travel Directions:

You can take either the 1 train, or the A,B,C, or D. The 1 has a stop at 137 (which says City College on it), and you just walk east (the stop is on broadway), walk through a little park right away, then keep going to Amsterdam Ave, and up to Compton-Goethals Hall between 139th and 140th. The A train is really fast, and the 145th stop is great, and if you take a train on that line head west once you get out of the train. The stop lets you out at St. Nicholas and 145th, so walk uphill toward Convent Ave, and west on that street (turn left onto Convent, it’s beautiful) until you get down to the campus at 140th, the first building on the right once you go through that metal gate thing is Compton-Goethals but you have to go up some stairs to get to the entrance because there is another building sort of stuck in the corner of it (weird, you’ll see) which is not the right one.


This Thursday, In Between!

You’re invited to In Between, a group show featuring recent individual works by members of the MFA Studio Art class of 2013: Sasha Cohen, Andrea Coronil, Gayla Martin, Shannon McBride, Katie Simpson Spain, and Alison White.

Dates: September 24th through October 5th in Compton-Goethals Art Gallery. Compton Goethals Hall, The City College of New York! w 140th and Broadway, on the 1, a, c and d lines.

Reception: This Thursday, October 4th from 5pm to 8pm.







Press Release! The Immortal Piano Show!


Portland, OR. Friday December 17, 2010. 4 to 7 pm; and
Friday January 28, 2011, 4 to 6 pm –

Art Show Receptions for local artist Katie Simpson Spain at The Immortal Piano Company, 4011 SE Belmont Street, Portland, 97214.

Join local acrylic painter Katie Simpson Spain and piano restoration artist Martha Taylor for art show receptions at The Immortal Piano Company. Light refreshments will be served.

Come to Portland’s own gorgeous piano haven, where you will find pianos manufactured between the 1890s and the 1930s; the age when arguably the finest acoustic pianos were produced. The Immortal Piano Company has been rescuing antique pianos since 1985. This beautiful piano shop is a place to connect with pianos, a community of musicians, and history.

Artist Katie Simpson Spain’s luminous acrylic paintings of growing plants will be on view from November 24th through January. There will be a closing reception on Friday January 28th, from 4 to 6 pm. This show debuts brand new paintings of tree sprouts; as well as other paintings from Spain’s 2010 plant series. These paintings are bright portraits of plants, wild and tame. Delicate, experimental and elemental, these paintings focus on an exploration of plant structure. Spain illuminates the life cycle of these plants, from root to leaf. The paintings are of weeds, sprouting seeds and flowering greens. Painted on powdered glass, these luminous pieces reference fresco and scientific drawing. The artist will be on hand at the reception to talk about her artistic process.

Katie Simpson Spain, a graduate of Portland State University, has been showing her paintings and sculpture throughout Portland and nationally for the 5 years since her graduation. Her most recent body of work was spurred by work on an organic farm and by a recent solo show at Launch Pad Gallery in southeast Portland. She has worked in several local arts nonprofits and currently helps manage Switchyard Studios, a southeast Portland powerhouse art studio.

Awesome! Immortal! Piano!


I am so excited! Ahh! I am so excited!

I am going to have an art show at The Immortal Piano! Soon!

This is the best and most awesome piano store ever. It is phenomenal. If you ever are in the market for a high quality piano, this is the place to go.

I am going to hang some art up there this coming week, but will have a reception in december. I will give you plenty of notice.

I just made this plan… I’m super excited about it. Obviously, I’m gushing.

This is a beautiful store, and the folks who run it are amazing and wonderful. Martha, the proprietor, has a collection of things she has found inside pianos. She has been restoring pianos for 20 something years, I think. You should check out the history of the Immortal Piano on their website. Some amazing photographs along with a fabulous story! Anyhow, she’s found so many beautiful things inside pianos, like every kind of tiny toy, notes (some are fabulous), small newspaper clippings, even a rabbit’s foot. Today she found a note that said, “I like you. You are nice.” It had been folded up very small, and lost inside a piano for years and years. This made my heart glow! So gorgeous!

I will have my luminous plant paintings there. “They are sensitive drawings and dynamic brush strokes all combined into a sublime whole.” – Bonnie Meltzer, a fabulous sculptor (mixed media, with crochet!) and amazing arts activist, said this about my paintings! I am so honored. I don’t even know what to say.

You will be able to receive a 10% discount on a painting if you purchase a piano during the show… in case you were wondering.

Check out The Immortal Piano’s website. (or go to

I’ll see you there!

Love, Katie

zucchini bread recipe from the art opening

hi folks!

my art opening was fabulous! it was so much fun!!!!!

thank you so much everyone who came!

i’ll post more about it later, with photos.

many of the people who came were excited about the zucchini bread i made for the opening. yeah, i made 4 loaves! it was an easy recipe. i made it vegan, but the only thing i needed to change were the eggs (i used egg replacer from a box). i’ll post the recipe so you can make it if you want to. it was really easy, i doubled the recipe, and it worked great.

i am going to make more for the closing reception too, if you want to try some. that’s on saturday august 28th, from 2 to 4 pm. at the launch pad gallery, that’s 534 SE Oak Street, Portland OR 97214.

ps I used zucchini from the farm i work on.

art opening zucchini bread:

3 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
3 teaspoons cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ginger powder
1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
(mixed these in a separate bowl)
3 eggs (or “3 eggs worth” of egg replacer – I used “energ-e” brand, and I also added 1 teaspoon of applesauce to the batter after i mixed in the “eggs”)
1 cup sugar (I used like 4/5 cup)
3 teaspoons vanilla

1 cup oil (I used about 3/4 cup of a mixture of grapeseed and coconut oils)
3 1/2 cup grated zucchini
(I stirred it all up here then added:)
1 cup chopped walnuts
1 cup raisins

i also made one loaf without walnuts or raisins, simply by scooping some into a bread pan before mixing in the walnuts and raisins. it was very good both ways.

so, bake it at 325 for 60 minutes. the recipe I made it from said you can do it for 70 minutes too, but 60 was great in my oven.

oil and flour the pans first. It’ll make 2 loaves.

Happy Baking!

Love, Katie