piano climbing


it’s cold in portland, yes! and it’s thanksgiving eve. the night before “thanks-turkey-bus”… the holiday involving puppies and snuggles, and pies of course.

and i wanted to tell you a story.

yesterday, the coldest day of the year so far (maybe it was 17 degrees at some point… debatable), i hung art at the immortal piano company.

it was a tuesday afternoon, busy still even though that is traditionally the slow day (for airlines anyways)… and i was running late due to writing a press release and labels for the show.

i hung 7 paintings, from the emergence show at launch pad. the rest of the paintings from that show (the ones that didn’t sell) are up at HELD, 7232 N Burlington Ave, in St. Johns. go see them!

so, yes, i went to hang the paintings, and started by moving a very large painting Martha (who owns the shop) has had for a long long time. we took it down and put up my biggest piece from this series, of chickweed.

then it took me like 3 hours to put up the other 6, measuring, climbing on pianos (only on the sides and backs, where they are strong), and balancing around. today i am sore! around the ribs. i didn’t think i would be, since i do manual labor type things quite often, but i am! not that i am complaining, i like that muscle use thing, i’m really just describing the acrobatics involved in putting these paintings up. maybe i climbed on 10 pianos. i had never climbed on a piano before yesterday. and i hadn’t really thought i would.

so, after much deliberation my paintings are up! go see them! they are on the west wall of the best piano shop in oregon!

and now, i am working on 7 small pieces to finish up the show. these are all of baby trees. maple, oak, pine, sequoia, sugar palm, ginkgo, and i think mango (haven’t started the last one yet). all of these are between 3 x 5 inches and a foot square. small. affordable. for everyone. come and get ’em! hot off my desk (since it’s so cold i’ve been working at home, not the studio).

the “opening” reception for the show will be on friday the 17th of december. if you purchase a piano during the show you will receive a discount on a piece of art! 10 percent off! more, if you buy a piano above 1000 bucks.

that’s my story, so far…

love, katie

ps i just heard there may be a remake of buffy the vampire slayer? huh? is that real? who’s going to be buffy? what about her vampiric love interests? also what? huh? really? i hope it’s as good as before. i love the original. it’s amazing.

Awesome! Immortal! Piano!


I am so excited! Ahh! I am so excited!

I am going to have an art show at The Immortal Piano! Soon!

This is the best and most awesome piano store ever. It is phenomenal. If you ever are in the market for a high quality piano, this is the place to go.

I am going to hang some art up there this coming week, but will have a reception in december. I will give you plenty of notice.

I just made this plan… I’m super excited about it. Obviously, I’m gushing.

This is a beautiful store, and the folks who run it are amazing and wonderful. Martha, the proprietor, has a collection of things she has found inside pianos. She has been restoring pianos for 20 something years, I think. You should check out the history of the Immortal Piano on their website. Some amazing photographs along with a fabulous story! Anyhow, she’s found so many beautiful things inside pianos, like every kind of tiny toy, notes (some are fabulous), small newspaper clippings, even a rabbit’s foot. Today she found a note that said, “I like you. You are nice.” It had been folded up very small, and lost inside a piano for years and years. This made my heart glow! So gorgeous!

I will have my luminous plant paintings there. “They are sensitive drawings and dynamic brush strokes all combined into a sublime whole.” – Bonnie Meltzer, a fabulous sculptor (mixed media, with crochet!) and amazing arts activist, said this about my paintings! I am so honored. I don’t even know what to say.

You will be able to receive a 10% discount on a painting if you purchase a piano during the show… in case you were wondering.

Check out The Immortal Piano’s website. (or go to http://www.immortalpiano.com).

I’ll see you there!

Love, Katie