City’s Six Video!



Here is a video of the opening of City’s Six, at One Art Space, made by the awesome Bernard Lee.

Hope all is well with you!

I’ve got to pack my studio up… and move out.
Sad times.

But anyhow, it’ll be good in one way or another.

Take care!

Print that!

Heyyyy! How’re you?

This last term of grad school had been so crazy fun! A million things at a million miles an hour. A million! Yep.

Through all the other good stuff I’ve been working in a group printing an edition of fancy prints for awesome artist Nicola Lopez. Its part of a cool program at city college called City Editions led by masterprintmaker genius Megan Foster. Nicola Lopez has a fantastic show up at Pace Prints right now which you should see if you can! Wonderful prints that push the media in exciting directions. Look her up! The project I’ve been working on combines woodblocks, etching, collage and embossing, and will culminate in 2 prints, in editions. It’s been really fun and a great experience to learn how printshops produce editions with artists. A totally different methodology than just printing for oneself. But the efficiency I’ve honed through this certainly crosses over into the prints I am making in my own practice. Also I have made some really good friends! And will help more artists print because of this! So it’s like the best thing ever.

I’ve been really excited about printmaking lately! I got to TA a great relief (lino mostly) class for Carl Fudge who’s paintings and prints you need to look up! He and the class were wonderful! I loved working with those people, lots of great prints came out if that class and the smart students! Also I’ve been pulling 2×4 prints! What I mean by that is I carve and print 2×4 boards. I also have done large plywood, and am working on another board (the dimensions of which is around 1x12x40). I have to hand print them, so they take a while, and muscle, and its been awesome. I use the print shop at City when no one else is around and listen to loud music, it’s really fun!!!

In fact I just finished another 2×4 print today! This one is called ‘The roadtrip we’ll take’. It’s 4 layer combo of reduction and multiple block goodness.


I am so tired and need to finish up one of the last assignments I will have in this school. I really want to go to the beach soon, so I need to finish up a bunch of things! Also graduating, ummm, yeah.

Oh my broccoli is ready! You take care alright!


the roadtrip





sweet slight studio move-over!

hi there,

i guess it’s been a heck of a while since i last wrote! yikes!

but, yeah, the holiday conglomeration and the wonderfully dark solstice and family and wonderful visitors have distracted me. also food! it is distracting when people are making so much of it and such a big deal out of it! mmm food!

also i have been distracted by moving my studio over a tiny bit! well, maybe 20 feet? 25?

i’m still at the switchyard, thank goodness. but now i am on the wall with the train against it every so (sometimes very) ¬†often. i am very happy to have moved, and am so super not done yet, but at least i have moved out of my lovely old space (so someone can move into it soon)!

i’ve put all of my finished paintings in the basement of my apartment complex. it’s stinky, damp, gross and not the best place for things of value, but at least they’re out of the way. otherwise, honestly, i’d paint over them. then what’d they show at my big retrospective in 20 years?

i am sooooo excited though, so excited! it’s going to be great! the studio is pretty much square – my old one was long and skinny. there is a ton of light, and i’ve got little zones for different work set up. the painting zone, the plastic bag crochet zone, the drawing/bookarts/printmaking zone, the building stuff zone, and even a little spiritual zone with an altar and a comfy chair.

well, it’s not done being set up though. it is close though!

i’ve been at the switchyard for over a year now. in a year people like me (i can be fondly referred to as “trashy” because i find things on the street that will hopefully be useful later and bring them back with me) can accumulate a lot of stuff. a lot. especially me, with this plastic bag crochet work, i have so many bags!

and i don’t want to thrown stuff away. there is so much that goes to waste in this world. i am an idealist. i want to use all of it. but that is not possible! so i have been recycling, throwing away what really can’t be used again, and compiling a large box of things to give away. and yes, in the spirit of making more more more i have thrown some of those bad pieces that i don’t like away. you’re too late. i tried to give them away and sell them for $5 (over and over again guys! you missed it.), but this whole hanging onto terrible things for too long has to end!

ha! more room to make more art finally!

so, this evening, at home, i’ve been tucked in with my headphones on. making plastic into yarn! i had to take a little break from the crochet, repetitive stress of the wrist, but i’m going to be more careful, and i’m super excited about a show i’ve got coming next year. until then i’ll have a few little gems of shows but i’m mostly planning to work and make revolutionary art, still.

wish me luck! i’ll update this sooner than later this time, with news and new goings on. and photos of the new studio space!


katie simpson spain

roosevelt island

the first time i went to roosevelt island, i went with my sweetie. we took the train (the f is the only one that stops there) and walked north. i’d read a little and found that there was a little old lighthouse at the north end. so we walked there. it was maybe 6 or 6:30 pm. the island is quiet compared to manhattan, and we walked on the queens side. very residential tall buildings and parking lots, and there were cats! just laying around. so close to the busy city, but by the way the cats were just hanging out i could tell it was so much calmer. it was a lovely evening.

the lighthouse was pretty and old.

there was a full low moon, and it was still light out, a man on a bike told me to take a picture of it. i didn’t though. i was staring up at the lighthouse at this point.

we walked back along the manhattan side and were awed by the view of the tall buildings from the middle of the east river. we took the tram back over, which was wonderful! such a view, and it was sunset. just gorgeous. and the tram is cheap (compared to other trams we’ve ridden… you just use your metrocard!), and fast and solid.

the next time i went with my friend robin. i met here there, on the island. since the last visit i’d done more research and realized i’d missed the part i’d be most interested in. a ruined building! ahhh! so i made a plan to go with robin the day before we had to fly back to oregon.

the ruin is beautiful. old and very ruined, fenced off and growing ivy and weeds. no roof, just the sky visible through broken bits. at some point (i think in the 80’s) supports were added after one of the walls fell down.

the hospital has been unlived in since the 1950’s or so. and before that it was not terribly inhabited. way back it was more used, but has just fallen apart in the past 50 years. and now it’s all exposed and broken up. it is very beautiful. it opened in 1856.

so many people must have died here, the only hospital in new york to deal in small pox. didn’t really want to bug the dead people. in retrospect, and with respect, i should have stayed longer. maybe they were bored. all stuck in that fenced ruin on the quiet part of the little island.

if you like old buildings that are being taken back over by nature, very near very large cities, you’ll love this place.

some history of the island: click here and here.

DSC00419 from the tramrenwick hospital renwick windows

a quick drawing i did on roosevelt island

a quick drawing i did on roosevelt island

dia: beacon


i just went to dia: beacon today! it was so cool!

the building used to be a cookie or biscuit factory. and now it is vast and there is a lot of art there! the modernish kind. and there is a lot of work by each artist.

it’s not a museum that’s crammed full of art either. there is room for the art to do it’s thing.

it was great!

one room had 4 richard serra ‘torqued ellipses’ (oh, maybe 30 feet tall? hard to tell from down here on these short legs). very nice. also these lovely pits by michael heizer. you can tell i like the rusty metal? yep. i also very much enjoyed the john chamberlain collection.

oh, and the antoni taipes’ were ¬†very nice! i realized (again… i already knew this, but every time i see this type of thing i am reminded) that i very much like art that is dirty looking, in the most traditional sense. art that looks like dirt is part of it. i heart dirty art!

mmmmm dirt and rust! sigh!

i wish the loise borgeois collection had been larger or more varied in creation date. her language has changed throughout the years quite a bit, which is lovely and interesting to me. they did have quite a few very good sculptures of hers though. i just wanted to see more more more!

we took the metro north from grand central to beacon and walked to the museum. big grounds, huge building. took us an hour and a half each way, along the hudson. gorgeous!

and there is some more walking to do around the area, such a beautiful part of the hudson river valley. there is a dock/sculpture/interactive-community-fishing-area that’s part of the museum to (well, it’s maybe 1/2 mile from the museum, but was funded and organized by the museum), and that is also lovely!

it was well worth the trip.

some day, i tell you what! some day i’ll have art there! damn right!

and then, oh glorious day, we went to b&h and had sauerkraut pierogies and soup! and juice, which they make there for you in whatever flavor you want. oh i am so full and happy now! and the guy at the restaurant recognizes us because we go there every time we are here (at least once), and casey goes when i am not here even. such good food! and the juice we had was watermelon, cucumber, grape. mmmmmmmm.

thanks for reading!

some little island castle on the hudson river, from the train