water coming in

dear you,

did you know that my life seems sometimes to be marked by a series of small floods. strange thing, they keep happening.

starting with occasional creek overflows, that would block passage in or out of the small wooded street where i grew up. over and over, and i seem to have thought it was a tide, word of mouth says.

there have been the studio leaks, each of my gorgeous warehouse studios in portland oregon leaking from ceilings at various times. my basement studios have leaked from the walls, windowframes or doors. tarps and rearrangement kept these floods from inflicting major damage (although i lost paintings, great vintage east german paintbrushes, and unfired ceramics – depending on the timeframe).

the car i recently sold (after driving it for maybe 8 years) had a leak from it’s back hatch’s seal, often flooding the car’s backend. that leak started 6odd years after i got the car. no idea.

then just yesterday, about 10 minutes before i got home from an afternoon at chelsea galleries (among other adventures), the ceiling of the bathroom of my new apartment sprung a leak. a column of water poured from a light fixture! the super stopped the leak quickly, but what a flood it was! i am glad i got home on time to call the right people at the right time. and to go upstairs and let the nice lady above me know what was going on. she is old and didn’t hear the water from the burst pipe pouring from under her sink… i’d gone to see if her bathtub was overflowing or something… but no, it was a broken pipe. mucho agua to be sure.

i hope this theme does not continue. although i believe that it will inform my artwork very soon.

as a child i dreamt of drowning often. various combinations of creeks , swimming pools, hot tubs swelling to trap me; falling into the sea from wharfs or boats; tipping over backwards in streams and sinking; boats i was sitting in filling up with water; that sort of thing, over and over. and i can only hope that these dreams do not prove to be my only psychic correctness.

alright, enough of that watery talk for now.

best to you, where you are.