those mural pictures i promised


so, i promised that i’d give you some photos of the murals i did for that awesome family…
here they are. there are some blurry photos, i’m not a pro, and given low light and over caffination i didn’t do a very good job with the photos.

notice… the pooh and pokemon were done over 2 years ago, and the linework is much less steady! i’ve improved so much!

so, these are all spot murals, all children’s lit. or cartoon characters, and all in a family home. they were all very fun, and pretty quick (as these things go).
thanks for looking!



Oh! Mural type fun!

Hi dudes and dudettes.

I have had another busy wednesday, they always are… This time I prepped some surfaces I’d just built and gessoed. 3 new pieces are nearly ready to be made! I did some palette knifing on a mixture of glass particles (tiny and reflective, basically ground glass, that’s kin to the stuff in street striping – mixed with some semi transparent paint). Of course I did this at the studio; then I went to 3 friends coffeehouse and proceeded in drinking too much coffee with Trish, Sarah and Terra; and then I started painting a mural in a baby’s room! He is so cute! His name is Ari and he is tiny and completely adorable.

I am excited to continue this painting! I love painting, whatever kind of painting, really! Especially on walls, it’s one of the most FUN things I can think of on earth! I am totally plagarising, oh well… ha! I’m doing a Dr. Seuss theme in the home of some wonderful people who I’ve painted for before. I’ve painted Winnie the Pooh and Pokemon characters in their lovely home in Hillsboro, Oregon. And now I am Seussing it up for Ari! Yay!

I’ve kind of mixed up some of the characters from different books, there is a fish theme, and some of the pictures are different a bit… but I’m not him, so it’s ok. Oh, also Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the cat in the hat, with the fish in it’s temporary spot in that teapot, on a kite string. FUN!

There’s a funny thing with painting (any skill really) where if you do it enough, really just paint (doesn’t matter what) you get better at it. And this is really interesting to me. Since my first murals in this wonderful family’s home, over 2 years ago, I have improved a lot! I’m faster, more confident, and although I still learn something every time I do anything, I feel like I’m learning different things each time. I know more and more about how and what to do with different kinds of paint, and all of that.

School of the hard knocks, although I have enjoyed all of it so it doesn’t feel like they’ve been hard knocks particularly. Just wonderful educational experiences.

I do have a degree in painting, but I feel like my life since the acquisition of the degree has taught me so many different parts of the painting. It’s hard to quantify. It’s just interesting to think about.

Yeah! Dude! Totally!

So, I’ll be finishing up these spot murals this weekend and should be totally done next wednesday. I will post photos… it kind of makes me nervous because I’m plagerizing. But I am not making very much money, so if I am sued, I won’t be able to pay for a lawyer, and I guess I’ll just become a jailbird, write a book, get more badly done tattoos and pump some iron for a while. Something like that. No problem. I’m tough.

Anyhow, friends, I will post the pictures. And I will take pictures of the other spot murals I have painted in this home… I really like doing the work, and I’m sure other people will like (and have) similar murals in their homes. So it’s worth it. Yeah! I will paint for you. Let me know.

Have a great end to your weeks, people of the world.


Katie Simpson Spain