I drew a month in the pocket size 2016 slingshot planner. It just came out!

If you haven’t seen or used this planner I highly recommend it. You can find it at your local activist bookstore, it’s cheap. There are important historical dates listed on each day and a lot of fun art throughout. It comes in a ton of colors. I got brown with silver ink this year! I love it so much!

My month starts August 15. My drawings are about late summer. 

Here are a few pictures. You’ll have to get the planner to see my other 2 weeks!


Best, Katie

2014 is going to be great!

Wow, it’s 2014!

We made it!!!

How did you celebrate the turning of the Gregorian calendar?

We are at the bottom of the darkness too, with solstice well through! Don’t forget to eat a lot of oranges to bring sun into your life!
It’s coming back! It’s on it’s way!

I started my year by beginning my resolutions early, on New Year’s Eve, and drew, wrote, went to the park (in snow flurries), exercised, meditated and ate good food. New York New Years is crazy downtown so I stayed up in beautiful Harlem. I’d traveled to see my family for a couple short days (i hope to go back for longer this summer and see more people and places, dang time and it’s fleeting nature) and came back on the morning of new years eve. Coming back to the city was weird (I left my heart near San Francisco, as they say), but my New Year’s Eve was grounding and great.

New Year’s Day was all sleep and brunch, babysitting, drawing, and hanging out – a good year so far.

I hope your new year is everything you want it to be! I hope it’s epic and adventurous! I hope it’s fun and productive! I hope you get stronger and more in touch with your goals so you can accomplish them! I hope you work hard and play hard and live your life to its best and most awesome potential. Lets rock this thing! This is going to be a great year.


PS Come take a class with me, I’m teaching Linoleum/Woodcut Printmaking at the City College of New York this coming term. Thursday mornings come learn how to block print like a champ! It’s going to be hella for real fun, and the best thing ever!

PSS Here are a few adventure pictures! Life is good. Let’s make some art now! And go outside! Yay! Ok!

PSSS Have you heard the new Angel Haze album? I can not stop listening to it! And did you see Jean Grae’s online tv show? So cool!!! Dang.

PSSSS The rad artist I work for is having a show soon, more info to come! April, Chelsea, be there!










go see the last group show at launch pad gallery (7/12)!


holy cats, the launch pad gallery is closing after like 6 years of rewarding and hard work promoting artists. it’s a sad time, but also a good time for the gallery’s amazing crew. they have worked tirelessly (and mostly as volunteers) for so many years to benefit the world of contemporary art, in portland and around the country. cheers to the launch pad!

i have a small piece in the very last group show at the gallery. it’s an ink, acrylic and graphite drawing titled “coming in”. see the picture below… but in a nutshell it’s about the tide.

if you are in or near portland oregon, please go see this amazing show. there are 100 pieces, from 100 broad ranging talented artists. here is a radio interview with ben pink, about it all, airing this tuesday on kboo –!

my little drawing is part of the problem solving process for a new film i’m working on. the film is about the ocean, and is primarily done with stop motion (hey that rhymes)… so far there are fabric and drawing elements, but it will of course be much more complex than that – it’s me, and i love the complicated bits. oh the time consuming fun i’m having so far. (that means i won’t be done for a while, but i will post it as soon as it’s done.)

i’m including a picture from the new film (this is from the practice run, it probably won’t make it into the final film). and i am including a picture of my piece that’s showing at the launch pad this coming month.

thank you for your continued support!

ps don’t forget to check out the google view of the launch pad to see some good pictures of my 2010 show, emergence! so glad the google people went to lpg when they did, i love these pictures.

rough draft for a scene from my new film.

this small drawing is worth an upclose view at the second to last launch pad gallery show, in portland oregon, in july of 2012! it’s got the same name as the new film so far, ‘coming in’, and is about the tide… coming in.

Art! Ahhh!

Hi! How’s it going over there?

Holy cats! Today I did a lot of good stuff. I went to school (business, dude), then to Chelsea and saw 3 heavy hitters in one morning! And I there found a free box full of art books outside a gallery, (mostly auction catalogs, but there were some crazy good art books in there!). Then I went to class and had my day! It was very amazing.

The art! Sadly these shows are closing soon, so if you can go this weekend you will see them. Otherwise, there are always pictures.

First I saw Matthew Barney‘s DJED at the Gladstone Gallery, oh! It was so good! I can’t explain it very well, you have to look at the pictures. At the gallery there were sculptures (metal!) that were the evidence of an opera based on a Norman Mailer novel about ancient Egyptian Gods, in which the main character (Osiris) is a Chrysler. The sculptures are gorgeous, and the opera catalog was gorgeous, and I tried to look for video of it online but FAILED! Damn it, I was so excited to see that. If you find something will you let me know please? Hopefully he will release it somewhere soon, unless he already did and I missed it (which is likely, as I live under a big assy heavy stinky rock).

Then I saw Do Ho Suh‘s Home Within Home at Lehmann Maupin. I almost fainted by the translucent blue stitched “Specimen Series”, oh god! You have to look at the pictures in zoom if you can. There is a video of the biggest piece on the website too. Very worth watching. That one is a sliced house, with another house crashed into it (which has a house shaped parachute) intact with sliced orange juice in the fridge, sliced posters, sliced furniture, everything. It was beautiful and made me dizzy.

Then I went over to see Agnes Martin‘s “The 80’s Grey Paintings” at Pace. So good! She is amazing. There were a few that I could have stared at for years! But they’re all untitled, so, I can’t really tell you which ones. It was amazing to see them in person… I have thought of her work for a very long time. She is one of my heroes.

In one day I saw these shows, and I walked between them. Only in New York.

Then I went to get snacks, and then I took the train back to school – where I worked on a drawing that is also sewn and painted (and has sequins!). And that was fun and very time consuming. It’s more abstract, which feels gooooood!

I wanted to go to the opening of the sweetheart of one of my favorite Professors…. but I chose to stay home and do homework instead, because I have to go back to portland for a family emergency, tomorrow, but only for a couple of days. But I’m not getting much done here, not enough! I should have just eaten cereal and gone back to Chelsea. Bah. It always takes me so long to cook dinner and wash the dishes, pots and pans and clean up and try to talk to my grumpy spouse, that I haven’t gotten much done yet. And it’s 10 already. I hope the break I’m taking to write this in helps me focus more. I have lots of reading… art theory of course (no the class isn’t called that, why would it be called that. It’s called “Seminar” which reminds me of an infomercial, but instead it is totally awesome).

Ok! Now I really have to try to read some more. Oh, my brain is itchy. Sigh.

Love, Katie

Ok, back to it!

PS This post was inspired by my friend Jo, who posed a nice response to something else I posted recently. Thank you Jo! You made me want to post something again!

PSS This is not the drawing I worked on today, but has similarities. And a li’l sculpture.

Spring and Summer Art Classes


I wanted to let you know some exciting news. I’ll be teaching some great art classes soon!

I’m teaching a class called ‘Drawing What You See’, at Crow Arts Manor from June 8th to July 20th. That’s wednesday evenings from 7 to 8 pm, and it runs for 6 weeks. It’s 90 dollars for the whole series. It’ll be awesome and educational fun! I’ve included the class description below.

Please sign up through the Crow Manor website (
I’m also working on a schedule of classes that will be held this summer at Switchyard Studios.

Class topics will include Drawing, Acrylic Painting Methods, Collage and Assemblage, Color for Kids, Creative Little Container Gardens.

Please let me know if you are interested in any of these classes, and I’ll let you know what the schedule looks like. As it stands they will be happening on weekends and tuesdays, wednesdays, and fridays this summer. I love teaching a wide age range (ages 3 to 103), so please tell anyone you know who’s searching for summer art education.

Thank you for your support. I hope to see you soon.

Love! Katie

Crow Arts Manor!
June 8th-July 20th

Katie Simpson Spain: Drawing What You See

This course will help you develop your observational drawing skills. With a focus on drawing exercises that help connect our eyes and hands. This class is suitable for newer artists and those who just need some practice. The class will work on exercises that are designed to hone your ability to draw what you see and will help you communicate visually. The course will explore line, composition, space, light and shadow, and other important aspects of drawing. The goal of this class is to improve your drawings by giving you the skills and the tools you need to think visually from start to finish.

boxing day


today is boxing day. i didn’t do much, really.
sleeping, eating, sleeping more, i watched “poetic justice” (its good!, you should stream it on netflix. don’t forget to swoon when you get to look at Tupac’s dreamy eyes), and some organizing things from the previous day (mass x). oh and several rounds of doing dishes from the cooking extravaganza that was xmas.

pretty good day. didn’t make any art or poems. but i’m not posting my poems on here anyways, so maybe you don’t know about that… whoops, nevermind. i’ll tell you when i have a book or magazine publish. otherwise that’s a top secret mission.

i’m going to take up roller skating soon. i really miss the exercise of farming, in this cold cold off season. i have been so antsy, and walking and situps are not satiating these “rototiller urges”. so i will take to the rink! i need to get my own skates, but all will happen in good time. there is only so much money at once here. yes, i will get used skates. yikes.

and i’ve been poking around at grad school application stuff. finding the schools to apply to, getting things as ready as i can. eh. it makes me nervous, the deadlines are so close. and i need to do a lot for each school.
but things will happen. some things. yes.

otherwise today i am just hanging out. think i’ll go to sleep early. but i wanted to post something, since it’s been a bit, and i’ve mostly posted about art shows and openings and sales and such.

now you know some of the bits.

thanks for your interest!

soon i’ll let you in on some more juicy tidbits from my world.

love, katie

ps actually i think i’m going to draw for a bit now.

New Work!

Oh gosh!

I have been so slowly chipping away at my upcoming show… I’ve been super excited about the medium… I posted before about it…

Lovely delicious texture. The kind of delicious you eat with your eyes (no mouth eating, it’s ground glass). And these plants, root and all. With washy acrylic coats.

I want to go work on those… maybe I will! I have an extra hour this morning. I was going to exercise, but maybe I can do both.

I love my studio, but am excited for when I can live where I work. The commute prevents me from going to the studio often enough, and in the evenings. And it can be creepy down by the tracks and riverbank at night. So much movement. The trains are very loud too, and there are chickens on the floor above us. Pretty much right above my space. They can be loud, especially the dude chickens.

Soon I will be working at Mizuna Gardens, a market garden that grows salad greens for fine restaurants. My studio is on the way home from there, so I will stop more often this summer and plan to put down daily paint.

Anyhow, I’m going to go get ready to do some of that now…

Here are some pictures of paintings that are not done. Please keep in mind their non-done-ness when you see them.

weeds in the sun by the railroad tracks.