crochet hookin it

hi dudes and dudettes!

today i was going around with the rad lady i’m helpin’ out now adays (since the art’s not selling itself, i’ve had to find other incomes), and I went to this place called the knittin kitten.

it’s on like glisan and 75th, ne. in portland, oregon.

and it is crazy cool! a thriftstore for craftyness!

i have always wanted a crochet hook that was made from purplepink plastic. with bubbles in it. for like 10 years i have wanted this type of thing. and there i found one for 2 bucks. plus the part where it’s recycled. it’s reused. that’s like my favorite thing ever.

so now i have this gorgeous hook, that i won’t feel weird about using on an airplane.

and it’s a great size too, fat and lovely. i can’t remember the gage. 12? but what letter? hmmm. dunno, i took off the tag already. i think it’s a P.

so now i am going to go crochet something. hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don’t forget to get used supplies for the crafty adventures… cheaper, and less resources used. that means more beans! if you like beans.

ps. i made faux icecream from cashews and maple syrup today! it is incredible!!!! i recommend looking into it if you like that type of stuff. i soaked the cashews too – extra nutrients and stuff. mmmmmmmmmmm!

thanks for reading!

xoxo katie