plants i am growing and will grow

well hello there!

since i moved to new york city i have been itchy for gardening, particularly because of my garden based background. and because i love nature and i really truly can’t get enough of it. and i really like the idea of food justice. people need to eat (and have access to food that’s not just fast, like veggies) and be empowered to take growing and making food into their own hands. especially in dumb old usa… we have so much space in this country, we could just grow food. ok, some of us do. i actually do not right now.

i’ve been growing small things, basil, chives, lettuce (though i really should have more light to do that)… inside in the brightest spots i have. i’ll post some pictures when these stop looking so sad and wilty. i had hoped to be able to eat some of them soon – but i am just happy they’re alive at this point. they need sun and i do not have that, as i am at the bottom of my building, in the back.

if you check out my movie ( you’ll see my interest in plants is various. food plants, of course. and i am growing more, against glass, for another film. you’ll see! ooooo speaking of – i’m going to go put some sprouts on (aka put seeds in water for a little while then put them in the little janky sprouter i have)… be right back.

ok, so have you heard about kodekama? string gardens?

oh my gods! they are so awesome! plants suspended from strings, it’s totally the right kind of art/plant/stuff for me! i am not quite sure what i will do with this yet, but there is a lot of sculptural potential, and i am going to at least try it out. so i’m headed down to the most likely garden store (come on now new york, i know you’re old school but this is crazy! if i had the funds i’d totally open up a garden store here – there is so much need for that kind of thing, but i am in school and in the negative amounts of money, so i cannot).

anyhow, here is more information about kokedama: (the care sheet is great!)

i will update you about what i make when i make something worth updating you about.

take good care!!!


the movie

hey there folks!

so, i am just finishing my finals, and so i am halfway done with grad school! ahhh! just 2 papers and 2 presentations left, then i will be a half-master.

here is a link to the video i recently made. it’s based on b-scifi-silent films, in format and somewhat in content. i made the sculptures and paintings in the video, and learned how to do all of it (film, video, lighting, editing, stop motion, etc.). I’d never made a movie before!

there it is!!!!! under this post!!!!

let me know what you think! i want to know!

love! k

ps thank you dirty three for letting me use this gorgeous song.