Art! Ahhh!

Hi! How’s it going over there?

Holy cats! Today I did a lot of good stuff. I went to school (business, dude), then to Chelsea and saw 3 heavy hitters in one morning! And I there found a free box full of art books outside a gallery, (mostly auction catalogs, but there were some crazy good art books in there!). Then I went to class and had my day! It was very amazing.

The art! Sadly these shows are closing soon, so if you can go this weekend you will see them. Otherwise, there are always pictures.

First I saw Matthew Barney‘s DJED at the Gladstone Gallery, oh! It was so good! I can’t explain it very well, you have to look at the pictures. At the gallery there were sculptures (metal!) that were the evidence of an opera based on a Norman Mailer novel about ancient Egyptian Gods, in which the main character (Osiris) is a Chrysler. The sculptures are gorgeous, and the opera catalog was gorgeous, and I tried to look for video of it online but FAILED! Damn it, I was so excited to see that. If you find something will you let me know please? Hopefully he will release it somewhere soon, unless he already did and I missed it (which is likely, as I live under a big assy heavy stinky rock).

Then I saw Do Ho Suh‘s Home Within Home at Lehmann Maupin. I almost fainted by the translucent blue stitched “Specimen Series”, oh god! You have to look at the pictures in zoom if you can. There is a video of the biggest piece on the website too. Very worth watching. That one is a sliced house, with another house crashed into it (which has a house shaped parachute) intact with sliced orange juice in the fridge, sliced posters, sliced furniture, everything. It was beautiful and made me dizzy.

Then I went over to see Agnes Martin‘s “The 80’s Grey Paintings” at Pace. So good! She is amazing. There were a few that I could have stared at for years! But they’re all untitled, so, I can’t really tell you which ones. It was amazing to see them in person… I have thought of her work for a very long time. She is one of my heroes.

In one day I saw these shows, and I walked between them. Only in New York.

Then I went to get snacks, and then I took the train back to school – where I worked on a drawing that is also sewn and painted (and has sequins!). And that was fun and very time consuming. It’s more abstract, which feels gooooood!

I wanted to go to the opening of the sweetheart of one of my favorite Professors…. but I chose to stay home and do homework instead, because I have to go back to portland for a family emergency, tomorrow, but only for a couple of days. But I’m not getting much done here, not enough! I should have just eaten cereal and gone back to Chelsea. Bah. It always takes me so long to cook dinner and wash the dishes, pots and pans and clean up and try to talk to my grumpy spouse, that I haven’t gotten much done yet. And it’s 10 already. I hope the break I’m taking to write this in helps me focus more. I have lots of reading… art theory of course (no the class isn’t called that, why would it be called that. It’s called “Seminar” which reminds me of an infomercial, but instead it is totally awesome).

Ok! Now I really have to try to read some more. Oh, my brain is itchy. Sigh.

Love, Katie

Ok, back to it!

PS This post was inspired by my friend Jo, who posed a nice response to something else I posted recently. Thank you Jo! You made me want to post something again!

PSS This is not the drawing I worked on today, but has similarities. And a li’l sculpture.

stuff to read!

so today i sat on my blue couch and did homework.

lots of different kinds of homework, back and forth sporadically. reading articles written by artists, and writing application materials for a residency and a couple of grants, and the editing of an interview with one of my fellow grad students. also i waited for packages from ups, (which arrived at the end of the day).

here is the quote of the day, for you dear:

“I write a manifesto and I want nothing, yet I say certain things, and in principle I am against manifestoes, as I am also against principles,”
-Tristan Tzara 1918 (Dada Manifesto)

also i did some solid procrastination today, for example reading this interesting article about the modern life of humans (well, women specifically, but men too). it’s worth a read. this kind of thing really interests me, as a feminist and a woman alive today. it talks about some interesting ideologies that i have noticed myself having (although i am not in the main focus of the article). but if you are of my generation at all, you will probably find interesting things in here.

also i procrastinated more by trying to learn how to use illustrator and photoshop, with mixed results. eh, i tried, right.

that’s all for today. except talking to my cat a lot.

hope things are good where you are.

love, katie