moving studios

Hi there!

Um, so I’m moving my studio from CCNY’s Shepard Hall to Compton-Goethals Hall. Across Convent Avenue, into the heart of the old schools small art department. Very different feelings in the different spaces. Before I finish moving over I wanted to post a few pictures of Shepard.

I really will miss it, but I am excited to move as well. I’m moving into a huge divided up room, so it will have more of a community feeling. My studio will be about the same size. Shepard Hall was a little lonely, and I have enough of that already, so it was time for a change. I’ll still be a lone wolf, just in a new way. Though, if you know me you’ll remember my years in faux co-op studios. I do well with community, it’s what I like.

From these pictures you’ll see, the building is just gorgeous. My studio was a little haunted, but not in a bad way. I will miss the skylight and the green tiles. It was like working in a turret. I’ll post pictures of my new space soon. It is awesome in a different way. Very exciting.

Shepard Hall!









New Yawrk


I’m here! In New York! In West Harlem. It’s totally hot!

Hot in several ways… the one way where it’s hot s**t, and the way where it’s pushing 100 today, and tomorrow is supposed to be above that. Other hot ways, I am sure. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I’m just getting used to things, and waiting for packages a lot. We received 1/2 of the stuff we sent ourselves, but 1/2 should come in the next few days. Friday or monday.

But there was the getting rid of 1/2 of the belongings, and the getting friends and family to keep a bunch of it safe for us.

Moving was hard. Very hard. Leaving the family and friends especially. It doesn’t feel quite real yet.

But now, here we are in the city, without chairs. Working on it, but still – you get the idea. I’m sitting on a yoga mat.

Ok, just wanted to post a quickie update.

I feel like I’ll feel all moved when the last box comes, and when we get a table and chairs, and a couch. I would like a small desk too, since I will have homework. So it might be a minute.

Cool beans! Happy days to you! Time for a bath!


Art Newsletter for July!

Hello Everyone!

In July please visit Crow Arts Manor, part of Milepost5 in SE Portland, to see one of my paintings of plants. 850 NE 81st Ave. #114 in Portland. This space is awesome, and houses writing classes of all sorts. The group show my painting is in promises to be awesome!

I’ve been super busy with 3 dayjobs, so not showing too much art lately – and I’m going to New York for grad school soon! Yes! I’m out of here in 3 weeks! I’m so crazy excited! I didn’t think it’d happen, really, so haven’t told that many people about it yet. But it’s happening. It’s real. It’s going to be a big move, I’ve been in Portland a super long time, so I feel funny about leaving. And leaving family & friends, and this beautiful coast. I’ll be back at some point soon though. I am really excited for some intensive artistic focus & professional development. And I am looking forward to learning how to be an art teacher, at a college level, as well as being in the center of the art world for a couple of years.

I’m having a “fire sale” with most of my pieces of art available at huge discounts. I’ve got to pare down and would like to sell my remaining older work. If you are interested please let me know. Many of my abstract landscapes are available as well as lots of wonderful random paintings, fabric landscape, prints, sculptures, etc. Here are some examples… if you find something you want let me know and I’ll tell you if i still have it – and we’ll plan it all out.,,

I’m also selling a beautiful wood bookshelf, a fancy mattress and box spring (half a year old – firm pillowtop), a pretty vintage yellow dining table, wood and metal utility shelves, and a few odds and ends. And I’m giving away a few great things; including a lovely heirloom vintage couch with a wood frame – which needs to be moved by someone else and their friend, reupholstering, and a good home. A 4 1/2 foot tall wicker shelf thing. An amazing tall and thin studio shelf. A nightstand and end table that I painted up all pretty, and some other random goodies. Please please let me know if you are looking for anything in particular (just might have it for you) or are interested in the items I listed.

Thank you for all of your support over the years! And thanks for your patience and help along this path. I will update you soon. I am excited for this adventure, and for the art that will come out of it. You can also follow my changes on my blog… I’ll make sure to give detailed reports.

Love! Art! Love!

Moving Away

Happy Solstice,

Happy brightness. Happy summer. Happy peak of light. Happy warm days. Happy dress weather. Happy watermelon. Happy zucchini flowers. Happy bbq.

Umm. We’re doing it. We’re moving to NYC. My husband, cat and I.

Soon. Very soon. I’ll be here for less than a month.

Portland, sweet Portland. What a funny time. Leaving time.

I’ve lived here for 13 years. Lucky 13.

We’ll probably be back on the west coast soonish. We like it here. By soonish I mean years from now. A few years. Weird.

Here is a poem by Rumi for you:

the breezes at dawn have secrets to tell –
don’t go back to sleep.

you must ask for what you really want –
don’t go back to sleep.

the people are crossing over the threshold where the two worlds meet –
the door is round and open –
don’t go back to sleep.