2014 is going to be great!

Wow, it’s 2014!

We made it!!!

How did you celebrate the turning of the Gregorian calendar?

We are at the bottom of the darkness too, with solstice well through! Don’t forget to eat a lot of oranges to bring sun into your life!
It’s coming back! It’s on it’s way!

I started my year by beginning my resolutions early, on New Year’s Eve, and drew, wrote, went to the park (in snow flurries), exercised, meditated and ate good food. New York New Years is crazy downtown so I stayed up in beautiful Harlem. I’d traveled to see my family for a couple short days (i hope to go back for longer this summer and see more people and places, dang time and it’s fleeting nature) and came back on the morning of new years eve. Coming back to the city was weird (I left my heart near San Francisco, as they say), but my New Year’s Eve was grounding and great.

New Year’s Day was all sleep and brunch, babysitting, drawing, and hanging out – a good year so far.

I hope your new year is everything you want it to be! I hope it’s epic and adventurous! I hope it’s fun and productive! I hope you get stronger and more in touch with your goals so you can accomplish them! I hope you work hard and play hard and live your life to its best and most awesome potential. Lets rock this thing! This is going to be a great year.


PS Come take a class with me, I’m teaching Linoleum/Woodcut Printmaking at the City College of New York this coming term. Thursday mornings come learn how to block print like a champ! It’s going to be hella for real fun, and the best thing ever!

PSS Here are a few adventure pictures! Life is good. Let’s make some art now! And go outside! Yay! Ok!

PSSS Have you heard the new Angel Haze album? I can not stop listening to it! And did you see Jean Grae’s online tv show? So cool!!! Dang.

PSSSS The rad artist I work for is having a show soon, more info to come! April, Chelsea, be there!











Feliz Nuevo Ano

Hi! Happy New Year!

How is it for you so far?

I’m doing pretty well. I think I’m coming down with a cold, and it’s 17 degrees here in New York. But I’m good otherwise.

I just went on a whirlwind adventure, and I’d like to tell you about it. It’s not that I did anything art related really. Just some r&d, r&r and some family fun.

It started when my sweetie and I got on a plane in Newark, New Jersey. We flew to Seattle, Washington for a short layover and then to Portland, Oregon for about 7 hours. We got to eat breakfast at Shari’s twice, with his awesome mom, cousin, dad and brother. Then we got on another plane. We got off that plane in Honolulu, Hawaii. My dad and cousin picked us up and took us to the North Shore of O’ahu. We stayed in a house my cousins were housesitting, on a beach called the Pipeline (sort of near Sunset Beach) for a few days, with 3 of my cousins and my parents. It was completely amazing. We had relaxing christmastime fun, layed around in hammocks, did tech support for my family members, swam in the ocean and a waterfall, walked around in the lovely hawaiian winter (it was in the70s), ate to much, and did some sightseeing. 5 days later we got on a plane at night and went to LA, to the LAX airport and rented a car after a red eye. We drove to my uncle’s house in the Hollywood hills, hung out with him and went to a wonderful Cirque du Soleil show called Iris. The next day we went to Universal Studios and did a tour, after going on a couple of rides. That night we had to get on another plane in Burbank, bound for New York, for JFK. We got here in the morning and went home and went to sleep finally, after days of sleeping too few hours, on planes, or not at all.

It was a jam packed week, so many different airports, but it was super wonderful! I am so happy to have been able to do all of that… with all of those great people. The west coast is my best coast (I do like this one though). The cult of youth in LA was itching for a punch in the nose from me though – people kept knocking into my uncle, who has bad leg arthritis and a cane. Look where you’re going Los Angeles, if you know what’s good for you! And while you’re at it get me a damn lychee, green tea, pineapple¬†shave ice!

So here I am, back in the breadbasket of culture, the whirlpool of invention, the nest of the new. And I can’t stop blowing my nose! I think I’ll draw and sew, since I’m on winter break. I wish I had time to find a job too, so I will look for one for fun. Oh, I’ve got to get in touch with an artist about a little interning. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Take good care!


PS I hope these pictures of warmth help take the edge off this cold snap.

2010! dang!

hi there,

now it’s 2010. how strange! a new decade, and some new fun things to do! whoo hoo!

i just wanted to post something on jan 1 2010, for fun.¬†not that i’ve got too much new to say this second. a few things i guess.

i just got back from trying to go to the movies, but no luck! it’s a holiday, and the movie was sold out! avatar in 3D, and we tried to go to a matinee, which is still really expensive, so we are going on sunday instead. and we almost went rollerskating, but realized that it is a rainy holiday so the rink will be full of little kids and we are clumsy and (i in particular) might fall on them. i have done it before. i do not want to injure anyone, or myself. so no.

but i think we are going on an outing soon anyhow. or maybe i’ll make more plastic bag yarn and casey will continue to work on that program he’s been working on 12 hours a day for the past 2 weeks… who knows, we’ll see what happens.

here is a picture of the plastic bag yarn i’ve just made.

i’m consolidating things, turning that giant pile of plastic that is my life into a smaller pile of plastic yarn balls. more useful. and i’m glad to have it wrangled, or beginning to be wrangled, so the art process will be more easy afterward. i’ve spent 10 or 15 hours in the past week cutting and looping and winding this huge amount of brown bags into double thick yarn. i also made 10 smallish balls of many colored yarn (well, like a pink ball, a yellow ball, a black ball, a blue ball, a “clear” ball – which is not clear after it is yarn that is crochet). also i’ve been working on finishing the last season of ‘buffy the vampire slayer’ while i make yarn. intense. that is a long series. i love it! it took me over 10 yeas after the series was on ty to actually watch it though. a few good friends convinced me how great it is finally. i love the multnomah county library, they have everything! i wish i could jump kick monsters in the throat like buffy, but i’ll just save the world in other ways. leave that kicky stuff up to someone else.

so here is a photo of my newest pile of yarn balls.

oh! i think i hear the sump pump in the basement. i should go check on my paintings down there. i’ve got this really big one, one of my favorites, on a couple guitar stands in a room with a hole in the floor. anyone want to buy it? anyone with a big wall? it’s really good and really big and needs a home. i’ll look for a picture of that to post too…

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Katie

this painting is looking for a new dry home.

that last picture, the “www.katiespain.com” part is superimposed, it’s not like that in real life, in case you are interested. let me know and we can negotiate. it’s maybe 5 feet tall by 8 feet long.