Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!!!

This is my Christmas, you know. My favorite holiday! I’m excited and am extending the holiday over as much of the week as I can. This is a tough week, otherwise. Let’s make it great! Quick, someone drive me to a graveyard in a sportscar that looks like a hearse. It’s raining, it’s perfect weather for it. Let’s wear hot boots!!!

My costume this year is a bloody zipper glued to my face, and a pretty vintage red dress (with a rose subtle pattern) gifted from my best friend, Ms. Pie. Looks like my head is coming unzipped. Thats how it feels anyways lately so its pretty spot on. The little kids love it! A 6ish year old on the train tried to ask me so many questions that i couldn’t understand due to his vampire teeth. And 10 year old who’s birthday it was even poked me in the head! Awesome! (Yes, she asked first, considerate birthday girl). My dear friend Shan brought me to a fabulous dinner party at the Jecklyll and Hyde club. It was lovely but we forgot to take pictures (hence the selfie)! What’s next??? More please!

Ohhhh!!!!! Yay!!!! http://youtu.be/98L_G5pgbog Here is a good song about a mad doctor (his horse has no eyes!), from one of my favorites when I was a teen, the peechees. They played at the Punk Rock Prom at Gilman, in Berkeley, where I drove my pink superbeetle with my best friends in it over from Santa Cruz, instead of going the prom for squares at my highschool (omg theres actual video from the show! So exciting since no photos exist from my end of things. http://youtu.be/3RUS55o_0o0). My friends may have gone to their regular proms but that was my only prom, it was perfect. My date to the punkrock prom, Ms. Lovely Pie herself, gave me the dress i am wearing for halloween this year! We made corsages out of weeds, duct tape and wire. I have been relistening to old favorites lately and it’s been great! Good music is good in so many ways. I don’t know what I would do without it!

Happy Halloween!!!!
Happy Halloween!!!!

I will look for more halloween themed songs for you, honeys! There’s always
YouTube. MJ’s Thriller, such a classic! Metallica’s Creeping Death or The Thing That Should Not Be?, the misfits have a Halloween song, and be sure to try the Zombie Dance by the Cramps. Well, most Cramps will work. Also any Gravediggaz. The Cure’s Lullaby of course. These Monsters are Real by Heavens to Betsy. Who is that Werewolves of London song by? Cemetery Gates by the Smiths. Ummm. Damn. I used to be so good at this. Does anybody have one of those Hallows Mixed Tapes I used to make? No? Tapes are so old fashioned I suppose. Haha! I like my age! I want to make mixed tapes for several people right now but I will contain myself and have adventures instead!

That’s all for now I guess. Except please know, if you give me a pumpkin I will make it into a pie. So… where’s my pumpkin?

Well I sorta got a pumpkin, but it was actually an adventure, in the form of a wonderful hike on Bearfort Ridge in New Jersey, with my rad friend Luke. It was so beautiful! The leaves every color of gold, and rocks and moss and trees and fun friend times. I am so lucky to have such good friends!!!

PS Actual Halloween was a blast too, to update you. Yes it was a Thursday, and yes I went out dressed up, and yes I got to dance and go to all kinds of fun places with my wonderful gorgeous friends. Also part of it was really actually scary, so appropriate for the day. Overall good though, yes.

PSS here is a poorly lit weird selfie of my zipper face. Ms. Pie told me it looks like me when I was a teen, probably because I’m wearing makeup? I hardly do that anymore. It’s fun! Oh yeah, it’s time for fun! Fun! i must have it. more of it. now! Off I go to see Arkona, a woman fronted Pagan Metal band from Russia that completely rocks. Halloween treat for me! I will post pics. They are a really really good band. I love them. Love! (It was a really good show btw!)

See, music is this sort of lifeboat, it’s really helping me every day in a very concrete way. That and the fact that I have the best friends on earth.

Love and bones,