No Smoking Sign


I made this no smoking sign for a good friend who’s got a gallery in which someone lit a cigarette once. Why would they do that? In a gallery? Why? That is clearly a bad idea. This sign will be good for other contexts too though. This sign that’s also a reduction linocut. Yay!

If you want one you can buy it through academic gallery, or from me directly.

I haven’t made a sign for a while and I’m excited to make some more. It’s really fun. I made some signs with woodcut for a show I had a couple of years ago… it feels good to continue that. This one’s got some lovely translucent ink, it kind of whispers and yells at once. I really like that stuff.

Fun! Art! Fun!

Take care of yourself out there in the world.


No Smoking Sign

Lake Print

Hey yall,

I’m working on a fun woodcut and wanted to show you some process stuff.

This is of Timothy Lake, in which I spent a few days this last summer, and I’m using wood I found in lake eerie (and other wood). Lake print! Oosh I’m excited.

Here’s what’s happening so far…   


Ok back to the cutting wood and rocking out thing. Have a great week!


“We can’t buy more time, cuz time won’t accept out money.” -bad religion

Adventure Time…


I’m getting on a cross country train tomorrow, headed for Portland, Oregon.

I’ll be there all summer and am coming back to New York to teach fall term. I am super excited to get a chance to do more art! I’ve got some great projects cooking that I just haven’t had time to work on.

It’s kind of like a residency. But with friends I have already known for many years.

I’ll go swimming and camping too, and update this as much as I can.

Here’s a picture of the sketchbook I made for the trip.

Yay adventure!!!!!!!

I’ll be in touch soon. You can follow my 3 day train trip from NYC to Portland on Instagram… katie.simpson.spain, you’ll find it.


New Sketch Book.

New sketchbook, fun!


Printing and stuff

hi there!

So, as usual I’m printing in my time between jobs. I have too many jobs. But I get to print sometimes so it’s ok.

Here are some sweet shots of the drying rack last time I printed… Gimme a couple days and I’ll fill that thing back up again, fast!

Hope spring is treating you nicely wherever you are.



Lino Fun!


I’m working on a reduction linocut of memories of a beach I like in my hometown, Santa Cruz ca. 

I’ll finish printing early next week… Put the 2nd (ish… It’s hodgepodge rainbow roll gradient fun) color today. Gotta cut up the block again. Yay!!!

Here’s a sneak peak!

Also a picture of ink because ink is wonderful.

Take good care, out there.





Prints about swimming.


I’ve been making drypoints and etchings about places I swam this year. There are more in the works… and this is just a little selection of what I have. But I wanted to give you a peek.

Hope your fall is fabulous!


PS I was having trouble putting up pictures so these are weirdly cropped details of only a couple prints. So you’ll have to see the prints in person, in a fort like installation. Very soon at a secret gallery location in queens. Check back for details.

ps these prints are pretty small.



2014 is going to be great!

Wow, it’s 2014!

We made it!!!

How did you celebrate the turning of the Gregorian calendar?

We are at the bottom of the darkness too, with solstice well through! Don’t forget to eat a lot of oranges to bring sun into your life!
It’s coming back! It’s on it’s way!

I started my year by beginning my resolutions early, on New Year’s Eve, and drew, wrote, went to the park (in snow flurries), exercised, meditated and ate good food. New York New Years is crazy downtown so I stayed up in beautiful Harlem. I’d traveled to see my family for a couple short days (i hope to go back for longer this summer and see more people and places, dang time and it’s fleeting nature) and came back on the morning of new years eve. Coming back to the city was weird (I left my heart near San Francisco, as they say), but my New Year’s Eve was grounding and great.

New Year’s Day was all sleep and brunch, babysitting, drawing, and hanging out – a good year so far.

I hope your new year is everything you want it to be! I hope it’s epic and adventurous! I hope it’s fun and productive! I hope you get stronger and more in touch with your goals so you can accomplish them! I hope you work hard and play hard and live your life to its best and most awesome potential. Lets rock this thing! This is going to be a great year.


PS Come take a class with me, I’m teaching Linoleum/Woodcut Printmaking at the City College of New York this coming term. Thursday mornings come learn how to block print like a champ! It’s going to be hella for real fun, and the best thing ever!

PSS Here are a few adventure pictures! Life is good. Let’s make some art now! And go outside! Yay! Ok!

PSSS Have you heard the new Angel Haze album? I can not stop listening to it! And did you see Jean Grae’s online tv show? So cool!!! Dang.

PSSSS The rad artist I work for is having a show soon, more info to come! April, Chelsea, be there!










back to our regularly scheduled programming


So, you notice I haven’t talked about making art much lately. The other parts of life are so big sometimes.

But of course I have been making art. That’s the point, right, the whole point. Yes.

I work some nights helping out students at City College in the print shop… Every week I go talk with these awesome people about printmaking and we work together and troubleshoot answers to their print troubles. It is wonderful. It makes my life glow! My trajectory is heading in the right direction and I am so lucky to be where I am.

Also I get to print while I’m there!!! Though its so few hours each week I’m slow, I’m still getting some good work in. First a spirit animal chimera (that month a few people and I were acting like snakes and wolves, yikes, art made it more real and I got to move through it thank goodness), and now I’m printing a new 2×4 landscape. This one is darker than the others. Starlit even. I love it so much!!!! Oh I love it! Art is my favorite.

Theres something so satisfying about hand printing these cut and wire brushed 2×4 boards, cutting them again and printing them again. i like to use 2 boards. I burnish (squish the ink on) with a pretty bamboo spoon, and print on okawara paper if I can afford it. 4 pretty transparent colors usually. It’s wonderful. Best thing since sliced bread. I’d hoped to finish tonight, but there was so much action in the shop and I’m bone tired… So I am all ready to finish next week. I’ll update then. I’ll have started a couple of collaborative prints with superstar artist Melissa Walker by then as well, so I may have more to show too. Or soon.

Here are a few pictures of my 2×4 landscape print progress. Dude, seriously, I am pretty darn excited about the palette and the prints so far. Mmmm I just added some milori blue tonight (not straight, silly). So dreamy. Just one last color, on the hills. Dark dark greenblue transparency and trees. Sweet evergreens from my heart.

You can see this print in person, as part of City’s Printmaking Show at Compton Goethals Gallery (1st floor of Compton Goethals, CCNY, 109 Convent, NYC) up through December 13th!

Art forever, dears, art forever!








PS Yes of course with the music lifeboat still… This week it’s The Modern Lovers self titled 1972 album. It’s so good! Most of it. Oh music! Swoon.