new york minute

oh sweet trash!
i am in a new artistic phase maybe?
i want to make things from trash. staple it together. i am very excited about staples!
mountains, cities, valleys, all of this largescale.
i want to make it from cardboard. from water bottles and plastic bags.
i want to make a trash metropolis.
maybe i will! my cousin offered room and board in trade for a cardboard city in her city, albuquerque.
also, for the record, i had soup dumplings today! we had to wait for 1/2 hour outside to get a seat.
but we did it, we got them.
the best food! they are so damn good!
i want more.
maybe it’s because of that strawberry daquerie at the south street seaport. it came out of a machine like a slurpie. dude.
but anyhow, new york continues to be magical.
and it was that way long ago, and it will be that way a long time from now.
(ps wandering down wall street tonight we saw the place george washington took his oath as prez. just al random like in the financial district. what must this city have been like back then? a smaller place, but a city still.)
oh also i saw a shopping cart lady with a sequined shirt on. only in new york. really.

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