Chipping away.

Hey there.
I am just chipping away at this thesis show, one thing at a time. Yes.
So here are some new in process pictures!
Yay! K

PS Looking forward to ‘recreation’, march 18-22 @ Compton-Goethals Gallery on w 140th & Amsterdam, nyc. Reception weds mar 20th, 5-8. Thesis!






Life Never Waits, in the Crown Heights Film Festival!


The movie I made earlier this year, Life Never Waits, has been accepted to the Crown Heights Film Festival!

The film will show in Brooklyn, in Crown Heights.

November 4th it’ll be on the big screen, it’s a Sunday! At 2 pm come to FiveMyles, 558 St. John’s Place, Brooklyn (2, 3, 4, 5 to Franklin) and is part of the festival section for younger people (well, it’s got sculpture/puppets that look like toys and is not ‘adult themed’ so that’s cool with me dude…).

Here is a link to the film festival page:

And here is a link to a post about it on the CCNY MFA blog!

If you can, come see it on the big screen!

Thanks for your support!


A still from ‘life never waits’… want to see it huge and moving? Come to the Crown Heights Film Festival!

short spring


so, here i am, after not being very bloggy for a while. sorry about that friends. it’s been pretty nice out here, warm already, sunny, humid and dry (that’s an oxymoron, what i mean is it hasn’t rained much). so i’ve been trying to get out and see this new york thing as much as i can.
mostly though, i’ve been woking on a lot of stuff in school. school school school school school school.

i just got out of a fun and busy spring break, with some wonderful house guests, my parents visiting, and a couple of friends coming through new york (well more than that but 2 that i got to see). and making stuff and writing papers.

ahh, the papers. they’re kind of long. i am looking forward to being done with those. so i can research other things and work on the labor and time intensive art that i like to make. i love school, but it’s a lot of talk, and that is great, but i miss being in the studio all day. class is fun but very distracting from studio or other things.

speaking of that, i’ve been in the studio growing plants and working on how to combine this with my art! very exciting! i wish i had time to go see the art of people who are also doing this, because it is out there right now. i want to kick myself in the face because i mostly just do school work. but i’m doing everything i can do every day, so i will reserve the injuring myself for the art making process. thank you very much.

so, i’m still working on that stop motion animation that has completely taken over my life. i’ve had some completely awesome studio visits lately, from professors, visiting artists and other folks in my program. i am looking forward to taking 10000 more pictures, editing and finishing that thing (should refer to it as ‘the monster’). i’m getting there. slowly. and i need to start working on the soundtrack! anyone want to contribute? it’s a monster movie so i need anticipatory violins.

i’m thinking about noise, but structured music will creep in too. i’ve never used sound in art before. but i’d never made movies just 2 months ago, so here we are. well, actually i made a few as a teenager. hmmm. well, i don’t know if that applies to this project but it will probably apply to the next one. i am really enjoying using technologies i employed as a young person. like sewing. but hell i’d hardly used sewing in art before 9 months ago. so that’s a whole other ball of wax there, right. new new new.

other than that i am still working with plants. i got really excited to do some gardening in the city, and tried to figure out how to do that within my school or nearby, but have been having trouble getting in touch with the right people, or active people, or people who are working in this way already, or people who know what i’m talking about. gardening. like food plants. the days pass, and we get further into garden season… so i’m not sure that will fully happen this year. but hopefully i can just help a few people who are already doing it. also there’s the part about new york’s humidity and heat. so i’m not sure how practical my desire to work hard out in the wet heat is. so i am looking for some part time work indoors actually.

there are lots of people with little urban farms, in abandoned lots, and on rooftops, and there is a huge network of community gardens all over the city. i’m sure i’ll find something. so much already exists so i don’t have to worry as much as i do about soil toxins or revolution. i just want to help. in a broad and also specific way. new york was farmland once, like all of the other cities, and it is interesting to try to find a balance within modern and traditional food growing ideas. here are some awesome links, if you are interested in this too:, (i have a lot more links, so let me know if you want them, then i will post more about this thing more).

i wish i had a video to show you, but i will soon. i will get some good stuff to you soon though, give me a few weeks. i’m approaching finals now and getting ready for some excitement, like an open studio that i will post more about soon (i think it’s on may 11th and 12th, friday evening and saturday in the day). and i am looking forward to summer, camping, work, as will many long hours of quiet studio time, all of which i need. hopefully i will get a residency too. fingers crossed, but i haven’t heard back from one yet, and the other i didn’t get. got to keep on keeping on!

hey, you know that photo of rats above, well a bigger and differently arranged version of my rat pack will be in the ccny sculpture show that is opening next thursday. come to the compton goethals gallery to see the pack all next week,  the opening is thursday evening, the 27th!

cool, i’m going to go work on my papers now.

love, katie

ps i will post about the upcoming open studio more soon!

Winter? Are you over yet?


I am sad to have not posted for so long. I’ve been having health problems and being distracted by school. I should be writing a paper! HA!

I just wanted to drop a line to say that I just wanted to drop a line. Mostly hello, you world out there.

I’m here in New York and homesick for the other side of the continent. Or some wooded areas even. But school is going well. And I’ve been making so much artwork! And I’ve been reading about and seeing a lot of art too.

Last weekend I went to 3 museums in 2 days, then had a headache for 4 days… the headache part totally derailed my week, but I’m mostly better and have discovered that excedrin and mountain dew can help (thanks Heather and Axel for these suggestions)! I also moved my desk at home around. And am attempting to work at the desk, which is difficult, as I want to sit in a squishy chair and do my homework (not so good for the old posture). The desk used to be my sewing area, but I need to use it for studying too. So I will make it do both. And I’ll get some new glasses pretty soon here… that will help. Especially since I do not like the style of my current glasses. So I will be able to see better and feel better about myself at the same time. Oh the miracle of science and fashion’s collision.

Otherwise I’m just plugging along with grad school and trying to work out how to make some money. I think I’m going to sell my hair, but that’s a one time thing, not so sustainable. I’d like to work on play sets too. Fingers crossed.

I’ve been doing some basic stop motion. It’s very exciting, but I don’t have much yet. The headache took the wind out of me, right after I got started learning the process. And it got me nice and behind on homework, so I’ve been mostly catching up instead of photographing. But I’ve got most of a new set done, and the good part of another. I think I’m going to get some dirt in there. I really miss dirt, so I might as well put it in my work.

I’ll post a link to it on youtube when it’s done.

Ooo I made a nice salt scrub earlier, you might like it! It was just sea salt (2 tsp), rose oil (a drop), coconut oil (1 tsp), and aloe gel (like 1/4 tsp). You could make more if you wanted to scale it up, and if you have a spare jar to store it in for later. I have a tendency to just make stuff up as I go along, but I’d tried recipes before, and they’re all basically similar. Add the salt to the oil and scrub your face and limbs! I’ve read that you should leave the scrub on for a few minutes too, let it do it’s magic, then wash it off gently with warm water and a wash cloth, then splash on some cold water! The salt draws out toxins and scrubs really well, and the oil is moisturizing. Coconut oil is good for sensitive skin like mine too. And it’s been so dry here my skin is not loving me, as well as the fact that I’ve had the major blas lately, so doing some good smelling self care felt really nice and important. I recommend it!!!! It’s good!!!!

Alright, friends, I leave you with a couple of pictures. Then it’s off to feed the cat, vacuum, clean the bathroom and kitchen, make diner, and do my homework. I’m writing a paper about how Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook’s show, at Tyler Rollins, relates to postmodern ideas about simulacra and simulation and stuff! Whooohoo!!!!! You’re excited for me aren’t you.




bone-egg (video still)