Commission photo update, and stuff

Hey there!

I’m posting a couple of update photos of the commission I’m working on…

And I wanted to thank everyone who came to the yard sale. It was fun, and I got rid of a bunch of stuff. So that was good.

Still no one wanted those weird ceramic fairy sculptures I made in the 1990s.. big surprise (sarcastically) and a few other gems I was sure would fly out the door.

Saturday was very successful, but sunday I made 12 dollars and some sketchy guy tried to steal my purse while his girlfriend diverted me by trying to get free shoes out of me. So, in the future, I’ll just do saturdays. All in all it was good though.

And my arm is healing well, and I’m farming a lot (extra), and I’m nannying 2 awesome, sweet kids temporarily… not much work at the school, but hopefully soon.

That’s my story. So here are the pictures of that painting. I think it’ll be done by next weekend, when I get to go to my next yoga class and deliver it! Yay!!!!!!

Bless you!


PS The painting says, “No noble, well-grown tree ever disowned it’s dark roots, for it grows not only upwards but downwards as well.” C. Jung