Endless Winter? 


It won’t stop being gross winter here in NYC. But at least I’ve got some art up. And am making more, of course. 

This month you can see one of my bottled shipwreck lino/woodcuts at a show called Working Artists, at Academic in LIC. I’ll post more about the show soon, the opening is coming up! I have a plastic bag friendship bracelet on view this month at City College of New Yorks Cohen Library Archive Gallery, as part of a show called Demystifying Feminism. One of my woodcut prints was just part of The Big Draw at Catalyst Gallery in Beacon, NY. And somebody just bought one of my watercolored drypoints at Postcards from the Edge, the awesome benefit for Visual AIDS, at Luhring Augustine here in NYC. I also recently had a couple of plastic bag friendship bracelets in the Grand Winter Salon at the Greenpoint Gallery. So all of that’s exciting.

Here are pictures of the colors and process of a new reduction lino. So excited! 

Have a safe dry warm fun day wherever you are friend!



Here’s a picture of me looking awkward talking about one of my sculptures at the CCNY demystifying feminism exhibition! So awkward! Haha! http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xjZfW5qxuxo/VQtVbdpWBQI/AAAAAAAARdo/H0sVo1LRdqM/s1600/IMG_4389.JPG

ART SHOWS RIGHT NOW (aka nov/dec 2010)


Happy wintery weather! I hope you are warm and wonderful.

I wanted to let you know about a couple of shows I’m having right now!

I’ve got a solo show up at HELD – 7232 N Burlington (end of St Johns Bridge). The opening reception will be Last Friday November 26th 5:30-8pm, and it’s part of the St.Johns Art Walk! Come over please! St.Johns is cute! And I will give you a chewy hibiscus flower! I’m giving a talk about the art at 6:30 pm. If you haven’t seen the paintings I did of plants you will be very excited. Yes!! Here are some of the pieces that are up there: http://launchpadgallery.org/emergence/

I am happy to have this show up in time for certain holidays! All of the paintings of sprouts that I have are up there, in case someone needs one! I also have posters available. And many of the star paintings from the Emergence show. These will be up until the end of december.

Also I have a small diorama in Launch Pad Gallery’s Facing Fear show, which is up now! Launch Pad Gallery is located at 534 SE Oak Street, Portland. This show will be up until the end of the month, and includes 99 other artists. It is amazing and wonderful! Group shows at Launch Pad, if you haven’t been to one, are SO MUCH FUN! You totally need to go see this soon, it closes on the 27th of November. http://launchpadgallery.org/

I am also putting together workshops for this winter. I wanted to give you a heads up about this early, in case you want to make something for someone for a holiday gift and need a plan. I will be doing short workshops on the following topics:
Collage, Basic Acrylic Painting, Altar Making, Dream Painting, Plastic Bag Yarn/Crochet, and Card Making.
Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send you the class schedule, which will include more topics as well.
I also have gift certificates available, if you want to give someone a workshop.
I’ll send out a notice when this gets rolling too! I’m super excited to teach!

Thank you so much for your continued support. I really appreciate it!