Scrap Exchange Collages!


Recently I was part of the Brown Paper Bag Scrap Exchange. This was a really fun and cool project in which artists were paired by a curator and mailed scraps to each other. The results were really interesting, and there were a bunch of people involved.

I was paired with Scott Dickson, a Kansas artist who makes very gorgeous natural and geometric awesome collages (I am having a hard time describing them, so look at his website)! We sent each other envelopes full of scrappy paper stuff, and got to work. His collage from my scraps is so cool!

And here are my collages from his scraps! I did 2, one is painted in a method I used to use quite a lot – and it describes the life cycle of a wood frog (I’m not posting that one, really, look at the website). And one is a sculpture, which was totally fun to make! I added some of my own scraps to the mix for fun too (as you know I am very very scrappy). And I plan on making at least 2 more collages from the scrap batch he sent! There is so much potential in what others discard! And this man had some good leftover bits!

I wanted to let you know about this good stuff! Please check out the website with all of the pictures from this project! There were a bunch of great artists involved, and multiple rounds (I was in round 2).

Have a good day!

Love, Katie