January Shows


I’m going through one of those phases with reevaluation and “who am I” stuff, and relistening to music I’ve liked since I was a kid. Today a line in a minor threat song reminded me to write about the fact that I’m showing some stuff soon. “Make due with what you have, take what you can get.” That’s part of what my friendship bracelet sculptures are about. The materials are usually leftovers from some kind of adventure or other. And really – friendship is a funny thing, hacked together out of all of the time we spend with other people just making it through this crazy fucked up world. Its strong and made from knots of all sorts of good and bad times. 

I’m showing a couple of those wall hanging friendship bracelets in January…

One at University of Pembroke, in North Carolina, and one at the infamous AIR Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. I’ll update with dates and addresses soon!

Yay art and music.


The piece below is going to be at AIR, it’s called 2 Lakes and a Waterfall, and it’s made from stuff I found and scraps of a project I did with kids at a school.  


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