grad school dreams

well, i suppose i could actually call this post “grad school drool” – as i am drooling over the lovely possibilities. also that rhymes better.

i just turned in an application (well, mailed it) and my fingers are crossed. i want to go! i want to learn things! and learn how to teach things. art things of course.

ok, i’ll work on more applications. and then hopefully get in somewhere. and go to school again! it’s been a while.

but in the mean time i am going to have some dinner, and possibly try to go to sleep too early for me to tell you (without embarrassing myself, the night owl). one clue… single digit.

oog. my goodness. it made me so tired! i nearly had a nap at the post office. i hope all of that work pays off. dang.

ok! i will forage in the cupboards now.

xoxo k

the cat wants an mfa!

Mural Club is Awesome!

Hi friends!

I was just the guest speaker at a Mural Club, at the Fernwood Campfire, in Portland. Just a couple of hours ago. Awesome!

It was completely awesome! So much fun! It’s my friend Leslie’s club. She is so cool! Those kids are lucky!

We talked about murals through history, came up with theme ideas, looked at the spot the mural will be, and voted on the murals topic. They did drawings of the future mural, and hopefully they’ll get to start paintings soon. The wall is big, and they don’t have much time, since it’s an after school club. But I think they’ll rock it.

Pretty darn cool. And the democratic part was fun, they voted and incorporated most of the ideas they had into one idea! Originally they had like 14 ideas, so it was neat to see them all whittled down into one.


So, I want to be a teacher right. And I have been working on grad school applications recently, and figuring out the age range I want to teach, and working out how to make sure I get to do what I want.

The Mural Club was a fun exercise, getting used to working with kids again. I think ultimately I would work with older kids, but this was great. They were super awesome, smart, creative and had good senses of humor. And they were good artists.

And I am going to take an art education course through the Portland Children’s Museum. I am really excited about this. I’ll blog more about it later. Very cool. I’m really curious about different age ranges, and getting into the right place – that’ll help me do some good and actually make a living doing something I love. Something sustainable for me. Something I can do for the rest of my life. And help people through art.

Well, I’ll keep making and showing art, gardening, and writing still, and all of that stuff. But I am totally at a deciding point. Even the palm reader I saw early this week confirmed that. And she said I already knew what I was going to do, I just needed to choose.

So I’m researching.

Next month I will visit classes at the high school I went to. Yes, I will visit some of my old teachers! I am very excited, and curious, what the high school atmosphere is like. I did help with a high school mural class last year. That was awesome. But I want to see the whole shabang.
So I’ll sit in on a Sci Fi class (Ms. Till!) that I took, a ceramics class (Mr. Emery!) that I took, and a general art class, with a teacher I don’t know.

I am super excited about all of this. It’s all falling into place at exactly the right time.

That’s my news for now.

Hope you are well folks.

Love! Katie

Southeast Examiner


I am in the Southeast Examiner. The best paper in Portland!

I am so darn excited! This is awesome! It’s a small article about me! Well, about one of my current art shows. And a picture. Even a little picture on the front page. If you have a copy of the paper, I’m on page 10. Or, you can click on the link above, or at the bottom, and see the article online.

I love this paper, it is always full of valuable information about Southeast and greater Portland.

And this month my show at The Immortal Piano Company, is in the paper! I am so happy!

You can come to the show’s closing party, on January 28th, from 4 to 6 pm… and meet me, or you can see the art every day the Immortal is open. It’s up on the west wall of the best piano store in Oregon.


Love, Katie