Things are nutz over here.

So I’ve been doing a little woodcut, a little screen printing, a little drawing, a little sewing, writing some short poems, stuff, and getting along by assisting an artist with sewn drawing (my jam, yeah) and gardening (my jam as well). And hanging out with my awesome amazing wonderful friends a lot! Working on random art in my little room up here in Harlem. That post mfa whatsit. It’s going to be alright. For real. Sometime. Later on. Looking forward to seeing some good art this week. Fall is full of great art shows here. And I’m going a rad metal concert soon! Yay!

Just wanted to say hey mostly. i got off the dumb facebook for safety and personal reasons, for a bit, yay! That’s exciting. Ah I’ll bet yr proud! Haha! More time in the real world is good. Hard but good. This world is so beautiful and terrible! We are lucky to be here.

Hope stuffs great where you are dear.


This is so cool, 2 friends sent me lovely writing today, both from the hairpin, both resonate with my current events. They are very much worth reading.

Pics from gardens and the world (the view from a park i go to daily, a rose I tended, morning glories in a friends yard, wild purslane by the Hudson) and a preview of the latest woodblock print, which I’ll finish this week… a snake with the head of a wolf.







http://youtu.be/fwltEelhqWg This is my new favorite, Angel Haze is so so so awesome and I’ve totally dug the Lauren Hill song this is based on for like decades. It’s a cover and yet it’s not. An update? i guess its a cover though. I found it last night and wanted to share.


For Immediate Release:


Katie Simpson Spain’s MFA thesis exhibition.

Presented by The City College of New York, CUNY

March 18-22, 10-5.

Reception Wednesday March 20th, 6-8:30 pm

Meet & Greet, March 21 5-6 pm.

Compton-Goethals Gallery

The City College of New York

Compton-Goethals Hall, Room 134

160 Convent Ave.

New York, NY 10031

With a focus on different ways humanity navigates in and works with nature, this interactive installation combines recycled materials, fabrics, live plants, painting, sculpture and printmaking to create a strange situation involving outdoor activities. You are invited to experience this version of nature, recreations of natural environments and recreational activities, from the safety of Compton-Goethals Gallery.

This work is a reexamination of organized outdoor activities, exploring relationships people have with the natural environment. I am interested in the thin membranes of safety that lie between the natural world and organized modern life. Often humorous and culminating in installation or video, this work combines recycled materials, fabrics, live plants, painting, sculpture and printmaking. I re-create biological environments and the tools associated with them, like giant friendship bracelets or camping tools without function. These awkward works nudge at nostalgia of time spent in nature.

Events during the show also include:

Camp Craft Time: Monday March 18th, 1 pm (friendship bracelet and drawing party)

Short Talk/Meet and Greet: Thursday March 21st, 5 pm

Please be in touch if you’d like to schedule a tour of the exhibition.

Visit this blog for details about exhibition programing and behind the scenes information about the work: http://www.katiespain.wordpress.com

Compton-Goethals is located on the Southeast corner of W 140th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.   

Subways: 1 @ 137th St and A, C, B, D @ 145th St.  

When visiting CCNY please go to Cohen Library Archives Gallery to see an ink and acrylic drawing of mine in CCNY Women Make Art, an exhibition showcasing women artists affiliated with the City College of New York, in conjunction with International Women’s Day. The Archives Gallery is on the 5th floor of Cohen Library, in the NAC Building (Amsterdam and 136, on the north campus, close to Compton-Goethals Hall). Here is a campus map.

Also don’t miss my upcoming installation at DUMBO’s 111 Front Street, part of an awesome April group show curated by Risa Shoup of Brooklyn’s Invisible Dog.
Take good care!
Katie Simpson Spain
For more information about CCNY’s MFA Thesis Shows visit: http://mfaccny.blogspot.com/
crop postcard vista 2

Life Never Waits, in the Crown Heights Film Festival!


The movie I made earlier this year, Life Never Waits, has been accepted to the Crown Heights Film Festival!

The film will show in Brooklyn, in Crown Heights.

November 4th it’ll be on the big screen, it’s a Sunday! At 2 pm come to FiveMyles, 558 St. John’s Place, Brooklyn (2, 3, 4, 5 to Franklin) and is part of the festival section for younger people (well, it’s got sculpture/puppets that look like toys and is not ‘adult themed’ so that’s cool with me dude…).

Here is a link to the film festival page: http://www.crownheightsfilms.org/festival.html

And here is a link to a post about it on the CCNY MFA blog! http://mfaccny.blogspot.com

If you can, come see it on the big screen!

Thanks for your support!


A still from ‘life never waits’… want to see it huge and moving? Come to the Crown Heights Film Festival!

This Thursday, In Between!

You’re invited to In Between, a group show featuring recent individual works by members of the MFA Studio Art class of 2013: Sasha Cohen, Andrea Coronil, Gayla Martin, Shannon McBride, Katie Simpson Spain, and Alison White.

Dates: September 24th through October 5th in Compton-Goethals Art Gallery. Compton Goethals Hall, The City College of New York! w 140th and Broadway, on the 1, a, c and d lines.

Reception: This Thursday, October 4th from 5pm to 8pm.







plants i am growing and will grow

well hello there!

since i moved to new york city i have been itchy for gardening, particularly because of my garden based background. and because i love nature and i really truly can’t get enough of it. and i really like the idea of food justice. people need to eat (and have access to food that’s not just fast, like veggies) and be empowered to take growing and making food into their own hands. especially in dumb old usa… we have so much space in this country, we could just grow food. ok, some of us do. i actually do not right now.

i’ve been growing small things, basil, chives, lettuce (though i really should have more light to do that)… inside in the brightest spots i have. i’ll post some pictures when these stop looking so sad and wilty. i had hoped to be able to eat some of them soon – but i am just happy they’re alive at this point. they need sun and i do not have that, as i am at the bottom of my building, in the back.

if you check out my movie (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wWtMXXrvFM) you’ll see my interest in plants is various. food plants, of course. and i am growing more, against glass, for another film. you’ll see! ooooo speaking of – i’m going to go put some sprouts on (aka put seeds in water for a little while then put them in the little janky sprouter i have)… be right back.

ok, so have you heard about kodekama? string gardens?

oh my gods! they are so awesome! plants suspended from strings, it’s totally the right kind of art/plant/stuff for me! i am not quite sure what i will do with this yet, but there is a lot of sculptural potential, and i am going to at least try it out. so i’m headed down to the most likely garden store (come on now new york, i know you’re old school but this is crazy! if i had the funds i’d totally open up a garden store here – there is so much need for that kind of thing, but i am in school and in the negative amounts of money, so i cannot).

anyhow, here is more information about kokedama:


http://www.stringgardens.com/ (the care sheet is great!)


i will update you about what i make when i make something worth updating you about.

take good care!!!


the movie

hey there folks!

so, i am just finishing my finals, and so i am halfway done with grad school! ahhh! just 2 papers and 2 presentations left, then i will be a half-master.

here is a link to the video i recently made. it’s based on b-scifi-silent films, in format and somewhat in content. i made the sculptures and paintings in the video, and learned how to do all of it (film, video, lighting, editing, stop motion, etc.). I’d never made a movie before!

there it is!!!!! under this post!!!!

let me know what you think! i want to know!

love! k

ps thank you dirty three for letting me use this gorgeous song.